About us
Struggle on the Way of Promoting the Digital Project of Medical Image in China
  • Our Mission

    Our company has always been on the road of digital upgrade of breast machine, striving to become the benchmark of digital upgrade of breast machine, and striving to promote the digital project of medical image in our country! In the field of breast machine upgrade, we are a production enterprise with early implementation, complete products, many users and full qualifications.

  • Our responsibility

    Always take care of women's and children's health as its own responsibility. In the project "Keep away from radiation and care for health", we introduce (children's radiation protection solution) and (children's low-dose digital photography system) to greatly reduce the radiation damage of children during X-ray examination, and to protect the surrounding personnel (children, medical care, etc.) from radiation damage.

  • Our services

    Service tenet is "quality first, user first". Excellent after-sales service groups provide professional, high-quality and efficient service, timely and satisfactory service for users.

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High-tech enterprises specializing in R&D and production of medical X-ray imaging technology
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Beyond Self and Keep up with the Times, Look to the World and Look to the Future
Keep away from radiation and care for health
Beautiful May is coming to us. The 108th International Nurses'Day is coming. Nurses, this ordinary and great profession, angels in white, with the tenacious belief of "burning themselves, illuminating others",
In the spirit of "hard work, dedication and innovation", we are moving towards the direction of "high technology, high quality and high efficiency",
Dedicated to the development trend of digital field, unremitting efforts for the early arrival of the digital era!
Obtained the product registration certificate issued by the State Pharmaceutical Administration, and obtained a number of new product registration patents and software copyright certificates.